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AstraDotNet Demo

This is a simple .Net solution to demonstrate working with Orbbec Astra (Pro) depth sensors from C#.


  • Visualization of depth and color streams
  • Visualization of body tracking (as stick skeletons over depth map)
  • Calculation of actual frame rate (FPS, frames per second)
  • Support for multiple sensors connected to one PC
  • Registration mode switcher for depth stream (registration allows to align depth map with color image)
  • Any CPU (support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures)

How to use:

  • Open AstraDotNetDemo.sln in Visual Studio 2017
  • Build and run AstraTestWpf application (F5)
  • All required binaries and libraries are already in repository (see externals folder) and are copied automatically to output directory during build

Known issues in Astra SDK:

  1. For Astra PRO actual frame rate is not exactly 30 FPS. It is about 29.7 FPS for depth only mode, and about 28.5 FPS for depth+color mode.
  2. When more than one sensor is connected to one and the same PC, the following limitations take place:
  • For Astra PRO sensors: lowering of frame rate to 15 FPS if color stream is on
  • For Astra PRO sensors: you can see live color stream only from one sensor (black screen for other sensors)
  • Body (skeletal) tracking doesn't work if it is turned on for more than one sensor
  1. Wrong information about field-of-view for color stream.
  2. Donot unplug sensor while application is running. In other case application may crash on exit.

Stuff used to make this:


Astra SDK is licensed under Apache v2.0 and includes components of OpenNI and OpenCV projects.

This sample code is licensed under MIT license.


Simple .Net solution to demonstrate working with Orbbec Astra (Pro) depth sensors from C#




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