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@jaakristioja jaakristioja released this 30 Jul 16:43
· 1560 commits to master since this release

The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 3.0.1 which is the first bugfix release in the stable 3.0 series of BibleTime.

All users of BibleTime are encouraged to upgrade, especially users still using BibleTime version 2.11.2 or earlier.

Notable changes since version 3.0:

  • Improved tuning of scrolling speed.
  • Improved handling of fonts to fix many bugs, including a switch to Qt's native font chooser widget in settings dialog, because of many serious bugs in our legacy implementation.
  • Improved sample text in settings dialog.
  • Improved behavior of the mag view to be more similar to pre-3.0 behavior.
  • Increased maximum column count from 4 to 10.
  • Removed the orphaned and broken tests for BibleTime.
  • Updated translations, including a new user interface translations to Japanese and Ukrainian, a new Handbook translation to Russian, and a new Howto translation to Ukrainian.
  • Fixed DisplayView.qml getting incorrectly installed under /usr/bin/ on some platforms.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with different Qt versions.
  • Fixed a crash when editing personal commentary.
  • Fixed highlighting of selected text.
  • Fixed dragging of links.
  • Fixed modules rearranging themselves.
  • Fixed logic related to clicking on verse numbers.
  • Fixed custom font of first column being incorrectly applied to all columns.
  • Fixed preview in settings dialog displaying text in red.
  • Fixed lexicons not being displayed.
  • Fixed drag and drop in mag view and search dialog.
  • Fixed no text being displayed for some ThML modules.
  • Fixed undefined behavior and crashes from opening menus to select works by working around a broken QMenu interface (QTBUG-77273).
  • Fixes to handling of languages, including a caching discrepancy which caused some settings not being properly applied before restarting BibleTime.
  • Fixed saving of chapters not working properly.
  • Fixed handling of nested tags for OSIS works.
  • Fixes to handling of PageUp/PageDown keys when scrolling out of bounds. Note that when BibleTime is compiled against Qt 5.9, one might still experience a trivial glitch where only part of the module is displayed. Pressing PageUp/PageDown again may help to work around this.

Known regressions:

  • Compilation error in btfontsettings.cpp:97: ‘qOverload’ was not declared in this scope (#332)
  • Copy text disabled after update to Bible Time (#334)

Details of bibletime-3.0.1.tar.xz:

  • File size: 1630180 bytes (1.55 MB)
  • MD5SUM: fb20bfefe40204296aaaadb43ebf4838
  • SHA1SUM: 649c1f6baedefdc708a12a3a25d71a213263f08c
  • SHA256SUM: 6b2e28f267e08ff9b7041a01317560c3435395a160250bcb94d62f1194574a20

BibleTime for Windows

  • BibleTime-3.0.1-win32-2.exe
  • SHA256SUM: 351dc972405f2547e05262f56805a6d0ae4399f0672796deeca175cb3081dff0

BibleTime for MacOs

  • BibleTime-3.0.1.dmg
  • shasum: eafcaaa360c50a7164eaad3faf5cfe0a8ec5a7da

Search for and install from the snap store:

  • snap search bibletime
  • sudo snap install bibletime
    NOTE: Due to Qtbug-83939, the Handbook and Howto do not open from the Help menu.


  • Follow the flathub setup guide for your operating system.
  • Install the 3.0.1 version of BibleTime. There are several large runtime libraries that
    it will want to install. They are necessary.
  • flatpak install info.bibletime.BibleTime
  • Run BibleTime
    flatpak run info.bibletime.BibleTime

Glory be to God and thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!