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Utility functions for working with BIDS compatible datasets
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Utility functions for working with BIDS compatible datasets

Usage: [options] BidsTSV OutBase 

Reads BidsTSV and then creates 3 column event files, one per event type, 
using the basename OutBase.  By default, all event types are used, and the 
height value (3rd column) is 1.0. 

  -e EventName   Instead of all event types, only use the given event type.
  -s EventName   Treat all rows as a single event type; specify the EventName
                 to be used when creating the file name for the 3 column file.
  -h HtColName   Instead of using 1.0, get height value from given column; two 
                 files are written, the unmodulated (with 1.0 in 3rd column) 
                 and the modulated one, having a "_pmod" suffix.
  -d DurColName  Instead of getting duration from the "duration" column, take
                 it from this named column.
  -t TypeColName Instead of getting trial type from "trial_type" column, use this
  -N             By default, when creating 3 column files any spaces in the 
                 event name are replaced with "_"; use this option to
                 prevent this replacement.

Examples of usage:

  $ ds001/sub-13/func/sub-13_task-balloonanalogrisktask_run-01_events.tsv Events3col
  $ -e cash_demean ds001/sub-13/func/sub-13_task-balloonanalogrisktask_run-01_events.tsv Events3col
  $ -e cash_demean -h explode_demean ds001/sub-13/func/sub-13_task-balloonanalogrisktask_run-01_events.tsv Events3col
  $ -s Event sub-01_task-mixedgamblestask_run-01_events.tsv Events3col
  $ -s Ev -h "parametric loss" sub-01_task-mixedgamblestask_run-01_events.tsv Events3col

Note that it checks for non-numeric heights (and missing event names and/or column names).

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