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Updated freeswitch configuration default user flag to "nomoh", no mus…

…ic on hold when this member is the only member in the conference.
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1 parent b08ebb3 commit d6c49af4f433eedad4c7d424c5075b07033868ad @GhaziTriki GhaziTriki committed Feb 16, 2016
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
<!--Can be | delim of waste|mute|deaf|dist-dtmf waste will always transmit data to each channel
even during silence. dist-dtmf propagates dtmfs to all other members, but channel controls
via dtmf will be disabled. -->
- <param name="member-flags" value="mute"/>
+ <param name="member-flags" value="nomoh"/>
<!-- Name of the caller control group to use for this profile -->
<!-- <param name="caller-controls" value="some name"/> -->

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