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Simple R bindings for
R Rebol
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This repo contains the source code used to generate the BigML api bindings for R.

Please, report problems and bugs to our issue tracker

Discussions about the different bindings take place in the general BigML mailing list. Or join us in our Campfire chatroom


There is a small bundle.R script that will build a CRAN-ready bundle. Roxygen2 is necessary for building the package documentation. Simply run the script in R while in the project directory.


There is a small unit test script called run_tests.R.

These tests compare the class structure of bigml responses to the expected class structure (in JSON form). It will also check for specific known responses (e.g., A particular response for a prediction request on a model trained from the iris dataset). Simply evaluate the code in run_tests.R in the project root in order to run the tests.

It requires the testthat library by Hadley Wickham. Simply run the script in R while in the project directory by executing "R -f bundle.R".

It is necessary to run setCredentials() beforehand, or to set BIGML_USERNAME and BIGML_API_KEY appropriately in your .Renviron file.

There are some small utilities (misc.R) that make it easier to manipulate the complex datastructures returned by R and the bigml API.

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