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ChartMogul CLI

Request ChartMogul Metrics from the command line.

Much inspired by Tim Petterson's blog post Building command line tools with Node.js.


You will need your ChartMogul API Token and Secret Key (found at

$ npm install -g chartmogul-cli


Get help

$ chartmogul -h
  Usage: chartmogul <metric> [options]


    -h, --help                 output usage information
    <metric>                   The metric you would like fetch, e.g. all, mrr, arr, customer-churn-rate, mrr-churn-rate, ltv, customers, asp, arpa
    -t, --this <increment>     A handy replacement for the start and end date fields, e.g. week, month, quarter
    -s, --start-date <start>   The start date of the required period of data. An ISO formatted date, e.g. 2015-05-12
    -e, --end-date <end>       The end date of the required period of data. An ISO formatted date, e.g. 2015-05-12
    -i, --interval <interval>  One of `day`, `week`, `month` (default), or `quarter`
    -g, --geo <geo>            A comma-separated list of ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 formatted country codes e.g. US,GB,DE
    -P, --plans <plans>        A comma-separated list of plan names e.g. Silver%20plan,Gold,Enterprise
    -c, --chart                View the result in a chart


    $ chartmogul all --start-date 2016-01-01 --end-date 2016-10-15
    $ chartmogul mrr --start-date 2016-01-01 --end-date 2016-10-15 -geo DE,US
    $ chartmogul ltv --this week -plans Silver,Gold

Get metrics for this week / day / month / etc.

$ chartmogul mrr --this week


Get all metrics for specific period.

$ chartmogul all --start-date 2016-01-01 --end-date 2016-10-15

Get a metric for a group of plans

$ chartmogul all --start-date 2016-01-01 --end-date 2016-10-15 --plans Gold,Silver

Get a metric for a region or set of regions

$ chartmogul all --this month --geo US,GB,DE

Get a chart of your metrics

chartmogul mrr --this year



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