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This is a JSON generation and parsing library for Java. It is oriented towards being used in web servers and includes several options for validation and controlling the way that the JSON is generated.



Getting Started Guide

Javadoc online (start with the JSONUtil class)

JSONUtil at the Maven Central Repository

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What's New

  • Oct 05 - JSONUtil 1.10.4 released with change to default for undefined code points.
  • Sep 26 - JSONUtil 1.10.2 released with better handling of bad character data.
  • Sep 19 - JSONUtil 1.10.1 released with major speed enhancement for encoding strings that require escaping.
  • Sep 14 - JSONUtil 1.10.0 released with major speed enhancements for encoding strings and numbers.
  • Aug 17 - JMX MBean Wiki page updated with images
  • Aug 15 - JSONUtil 1.9 released to support object reflection, arbitrary precision numbers and parsing to primitive arrays.