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Nixpkgs BinderHub example


Why Nix?

Nix would be a great addition to reproducible data science. It is a unique package manager. Some notable features:

  • 100% reproducible environments (pin to exact commit in repository)
  • both a source and binary package repository
  • allows customized compilation and version of every package
  • can run identical environment outside of docker (all linux distros + dawin)
  • as of now 45,000+ packages
  • fully declarative environments
  • packages: python, javascript, julia, R, haskell, perl, and many other languages (some better than others).

Assuming that you have nix installed (compatible with all linux distributions and darwin (Mac OS)) you can run this repository locally (no need for binderhub). It will be identical assuming you have pinned repositories. Nix can coexist fine with other package managers.

This derivation installs python37, numpy, and scipy.

For a more detailed example see the detailed binderhub example costrouc/nix-binder-example