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Image is "Lazy Gopher" from the collection "Gophers" by Ashley Willis.


Bindl is a downloader for programs used in a project, often not necessary at runtime, but essential for development or infrastructure.

Bindl is an distro-agnostic, offering ease of consistency in managing binaries across operating systems and distributions.


At the core of it, Bindl is standardizing and securing the work of curl && chmod. Through Bindl, projects can rest assured that dependencies and programs are always verified through checksum (and signature if provided).

The ergonomics of adopting Bindl is about making sure that for a given commit in a project, it will have consistent dependency version and installation mechanism regardless of which machine is running.

To learn more about why Bindl exists and how it works, take a look at the guides.

Usage / Installation

Available under examples/ directory. In short:

# Whichever directory you'd like bindl to exist
export OUTDIR=/usr/local/bin

# While it's convenient, please inspect before running :)
curl --location | bash

You may try to install with go get, though versioning information may be incomplete as they are stamped in build.

And of course, assets in releases are downloadable for manual binary installation.

Contributing to Bindl

Our guide on contributing to Bindl is specified in