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PaSh v0.13

31 May 17:12
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High-level changes

Significant restructuring and rearchitecting of PaSh components into their own libraries.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.12.2...v0.13

PaSh v0.12.2

08 Mar 19:41
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What's Changed

  • Update installation script and README

Full Changelog: v0.12...v0.12.2

PaSh v0.12

07 Mar 16:00
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  • Separate PaSh's preprocessor and add an alternative entrypoint
  • Add alternative entrypoints to PaSh
  • Remove golang dependencies

What's Changed in detail

Full Changelog: v0.11...v0.12

PaSh v0.11

22 Feb 00:14
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Big Changes

Detailed view of what's Changed

  • First PR for new annotations and new model for DFG nodes by @festutz in #583
  • Add support for eager-nodes by @festutz in #589
  • Add reduce/aggregation trees by @festutz in #590
  • Support for round-robin parallelization with new annotations by @festutz in #591
  • Fix unwrap and commutative interplay by @festutz in #593
  • Add support for dgsh_tee nodes by @festutz in #594
  • Modify dgsh-wrapper ... by @festutz in #595
  • Remove dgsh-tee wrapper and call dgsh-tee directly by @festutz in #596
  • Separated parallelization into choose and apply phases by @festutz in #597
  • Fuse cat and subsequent split by @festutz in #599
  • Fuse r_merge and subsequent r_split by @festutz in #600
  • Fuse r_merge and subsequent commutative command by @festutz in #601
  • Support round-robin parallelization for commutative commands by @festutz in #602
  • Install annotations lib using pip by @angelhof in #603
  • Refactored to remove future from annotations library by @festutz in #609
  • Cover all but one test case from compiler/ by @festutz in #612
  • Add support for bigrams by @festutz in #614
  • Refactor to have defaults for AnnotationInfo by @festutz in #615
  • Future annotations minor typing anno repo by @festutz in #622
  • Integrate New Annotation Library by @festutz in #623
  • Annotations as package by @festutz in #634
  • Remove custom aggregators by @angelhof in #639
  • Trigger CI on scripts changes by @angelhof in #642
  • Delete files and references to old annotations by @angelhof in #640
  • Refactor components by @angelhof in #636
  • Remove more obsolete files in compiler, move tests to the tests directory by @angelhof in #643
  • Remove the last annotation files by @angelhof in #644
  • Refactor all shell ast related code to its own directory (ideally being mostly self contained) by @angelhof in #645
  • Refactor orchestor runtime by @angelhof in #646
  • PaSh version 0.11 by @angelhof in #647

Full Changelog: v0.10.2...v0.11

PaSh v0.10.2

07 Sep 20:35
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What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.10.1...v0.10.2

PaSh v0.10.1

07 Sep 16:27
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What's Changed

Removed installation script dependencies and made their output more verbose to improve debuggability.

Full Changelog: v0.10...v0.10.1

PaSh v0.10

31 Aug 13:19
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Biggest change

Removed libdash from the PaSh repo instead installing it through pip

What's Changed

  • Run tests in Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 to completion by @mgree in #617
  • Don't run PaSh Github CI on Ubuntu 18.04 due to deprecation by @angelhof in #618
  • Temporarily remove Ubuntu 22.04 from the CI until it is debugged by @angelhof in #621
  • Add a python script to contact the POSIX test server by @angelhof in #624
  • Remove compiler/parser subtree, use libdash pip module by @mgree in #616

Full Changelog: v0.9...v0.10

PaSh v0.9

18 Jul 16:06
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What's Changed

At a high level, several bugfixes with respect to argument handling and escaping. Installation is also simplified.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8...v0.9

PaSh v0.8

27 May 17:23
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Big changes

  • Shellcheck is now part of the CI
  • PaSh early expansion is now correctly pure
  • OSDI 22 Artifact
  • Various fixes

Full Changelog: v0.7.2...v0.8

PaSh OSDI'22 Artifact

27 May 16:06
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This is the branch that contains the artifact for the paper "Practically Correct, Just-in-Time Shell Script Parallelization", published at OSDI 22.