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Loosing focus after creating new tag in background #15

ghost opened this Issue Dec 8, 2012 · 5 comments

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ghost commented Dec 8, 2012


after creating one tag in background (nopopup) the focus on my current window in my current tag is lost.

I'm using the shifty package of debian (testing).



Can you provide the exact procedure ?

Also you may consider that debian is not using this repository as source. Please ensure that.

ghost commented Dec 11, 2012


sorry for the unclear description.

I'm working on tag 1 with my windows (e. g. mostly xterm). Of course one xterm window has the focus, as i'm typing in this window. Now i'm creating a new tag with Mod4+Shift+A (creating new tag in background).

This results in not leaving my current tag (as wanted) but I loose my current active (focused) window. I stil can type in xterm, but I cannot change the windows with Mod4+j/k. The only way to get back the focus to any window is by moving the mouse pointer.

Maybe the pictures below show better the situation.

I uploaded the debian file under
The difference between this file and your repository is mostly in getpos, I think.

Thanks for your help.


ghost commented Dec 12, 2012


I tried now with the shifty version of this repository. But it keeps still the same.

You can find my rc.lua under:

  • Keybinding is the following:
    awful.key({modkey, "Shift" }, "a", -- nopopup new tag
    shifty.add({nopopup = true})

  • No, there is no focused rename prompt

  • How can i check what happens to focus history?

Thanks for your help!

bioe007 commented Feb 20, 2013

I think PR #16 should close this.

@bioe007 bioe007 closed this Feb 20, 2013
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