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New BioJava Logo Design Competition

The current BioJava logo is very basic. With the upcoming new BioJava v. 5.0 release it is time for branding ourselves with a new logo.

We are hosting a competition to design a new logo for the BioJava project.

Update: The competition is closed now and the winner has been announced.


The three top ranking designs were all created by Aleix Lafita (ETH Zurich / Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland).

The winner is https://github.com/biojava/logo/tree/master/submissions/lafita_4

Honorary mention goes to Jose Duarte, who suggested this specific variation of the design.

Another version of this design is also top ranking https://github.com/biojava/logo/tree/master/submissions/lafita_2

This variation can be used together with the winning design if a single color version of the logo is needed.

All submissions can still be viewed here


Anybody can participate according to the following rules:

  • Submit your logo as a pull request for this project. Please follow the instructions for submitting.

  • Logos shall not look similar in any way to the trademarked Java programming language logo. This means no coffee cups in any way. Here are some examples from a previous Logo competition. Please note, most of these submissions would not be acceptable based on this rule.

  • A submission shall not be in violation with any copyrighted or trademarked work.

  • By contributing to this repository, you agree that the copyright for the contribution will be transferred to the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (www.open-bio.org), which is BioJava's parent organisation.


  • All contributions needed to be uploaded by the end of July 4th 2016.
  • All votes need to be in by the end of day Wednesday July 6th.

Announcement of Winner

The winner of the new logo competition will be announced during BOSC 2016.


  • We will print t-shirts with the new logo and the designer will get a free t-shirt.

  • If the designer of the winning new logo will be attending ISMB 2016, the attending BioJava developers will take the winner out for dinner.

  • BioJava will carry the new logo on its homepage and GitHub Profile.

Desired features

  • The logo should look modern and be better than the current one (yellow circle)

  • The logo should be submitted as SVG graphics

  • The logo should be able to be rendered as a favicon, as well as large (e.g. on a t-shirt). A design that provides two different versions (small and large rendering) is acceptable.