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Example Addon for Orange3
Python Shell
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Orange3 Example Add-on

This is an example add-on for Orange3. Add-on can extend Orange either in scripting or GUI part, or in both. We here focus on the GUI part and implement a simple (empty) widget, register it with Orange and add a new workflow with this widget to example tutorials.


To install the add-on, run

pip install .

To register this add-on with Orange, but keep the code in the development directory (do not copy it to Python's site-packages directory), run

pip install -e .

Documentation / widget help can be built by running

make html htmlhelp

from the doc directory.


After the installation, the widget from this add-on is registered with Orange. To run Orange from the terminal, use

python -m Orange.canvas

The new widget appears in the toolbox bar under the section Example.


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