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peterjc commented Apr 23, 2016 edited

The single largest group of broken links reported via the Google webmaster tools, and also noted by @mmokrejs (see are URLs like this:

This page is still available via the primary OBF mailing list domain name:

They are also available via this secondary alias:

Ideally we'd automatically redirect* to* which was easy under Apache, but becomes harder under GitHub Pages.

See also #19 and #32 for more general issues about broken links.

peterjc commented Apr 23, 2016 edited

We could easily add stub pages for:

Even adding the monthly overview pages would be quite easy. However, all the useful URLs pointing to these pages are to individual emails in the archives.

I think that the only way to fix all the links within GitHub Pages is literally to copy the mailman archives into a GitHub pages repository - perhaps another separate project one, i.e. branch gh-pages of in order to be visible as

This would have some advantages: It would be a nice backup, and we can put styling on top of the minimal mailman layout, and a one-off conversion/dump would fix all the existing URLs.

Potentially we could keep the GitHub mailman archive updated automatically - this would require a script running (ideally on the OBF mailman server which is possible as long as the load is minimal). Unfortunately that would create an unwelcome maintenance burden.

@peterjc peterjc added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 21, 2016
@peterjc peterjc Tell search engines to ignore /pipermail/ mailing list archives
See issue #49, the mailman archives are still via e.g.


However, with the move of to GitHub Pages
we can no longer do this on our main domain.
peterjc commented Jun 21, 2016 edited

I've redirected the related /mailman/ URLs with 07d9e88

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