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The Domain resource lets you attach A/CNAME/MX resource records for external domains to your account for use as a bip domain_id. Domains can also serve channel content by pointing to a channel renderer. A default 'vanity' system domain is installed when a new account is boarded, of the form {username}.{localdomain}. Domains marked as type : "vanity" are immutable. ie: they can not be renamed or deleted.


  • _href (URI) Fully Qualified Resource URI
  • _repr (String) Derived representation


id (string, UUID) Domain UUID

name (string, required) FQDN

renderer (object, optional) renderer structured keyed by

  • channel_id (string, UUID) Channel ID
  • renderer (string) Channel renderer name

Where no renderer structure has been supplied, HTTP requests to the domain will return a 404

Sample Request

GET /rest/domain/
  "id": "664616d3-5caf-ab09-b398-000012b5e920",
  "name": "",
  "renderer" : {
    "channel_id" : "61bea7bc-37dd-3368-9b36-00006fa6319e",
    "renderer" : "rss"
  "_repr": "",
  "_href": ""

RPC : Domain Confirm

The domain confirm rpc, /rpc/domain/confirm/:domain_id, Checks that an attached domain resolves to a CNAME or MX record pointing to the domain owners default 'vanity' account. A sample zone file may look like :   300 IN  CNAME   admin.bip.local.   300 IN  CNAME   admin.bip.local.
admin.bip.local.        86400   IN  CNAME   bip.local.
bip.local.          86400   IN  MX  10 mail.bip.local.

/rpc/domain/confirm/:domain_id returns either 200 OK, 202 Accepted (If unverified) or 409 Conflict if the domain is no longer internet resolvable. 409 will not change the availability status of the domain resource, think of 409's as a system warning.