RPC Get Transform Hint

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Given a from and to channel action, returns the most appropriate transform for an edge. from and to should be qualified channel actions including the pod name, eg: smtp.email_forward.

When trying to derive a transform from a source vertex, use the convention bip.{type} eg: bip.http

GET /rpc/bip/get_transform_hint?from=bip.smtp&to=email.smtp_forward

  "from_channel": "bip.smtp",
  "to_channel": "email.smtp_forward",
  "transform": {
    "subject": "[%source#subject%]",
    "body_html": "[%source#body_html%]",
    "body_text": "[%source#body_text%]",
    "reply_to": "[%source#reply_to%]"

This Transform RPC is also applied when a Bip is created with transforms set as "default".