Tool to quickly update video modes in RetroPie - giving a retro CRT look.
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Video Manager tool by Floob

Tool to quickly update video modes in RetroPie. This will swap between default, shaders and overlays. Designed to emulate a CRT experience on a hi-def TV.

Supports RetroPie 3 and above. I would suggest using at least RetroPie 3.8.1. And it WILL overwrite any custom edits you may have made to system specific retroarch.cfg files. BACKUP before you use this!!

Example of the changes this makes here:


This should be run from the home directory "/home/pi"

You can find the release numbers here:

unzip -o
cd /home/pi/rp-video-manager
chmod 755


Make sure your video settings are as you want them, then delete this directory: /home/pi/rp-video-manager

You can use the "rm -rf rp-video-manager" command