Python bitcoin library
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Python bitcoin library

Current version is 2.0

Feature Support

  • Basic functions
  • Supports addresses types PUBKEY, P2PKH, P2SH, P2SH-PWPKH, P2WPKH, P2WSH.
  • Supports BIP32(Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets), BIP39(Mnemonic code generation)
  • Supports BIP141(Segregated Witness)
  • Transaction constructor


To install pybtc, simply use pip

$ pip3 install pybtc


  • Python 3.3.3+
  • secp256k1


Documentation is available at

How to Contribute

In order to make a clone of the GitHub repo: open the link and press the “Fork” button on the upper-right menu of the web page.

Workflow is pretty straightforward:

  1. Clone the GitHub
  2. Make a change
  3. Make sure all tests passed
  4. Add a record intp file into change.log.
  5. Commit changes to own aiohttp clone
  6. Make pull request from github page for your clone against master branch

Support a project

You can support the future development of project and send a little BTC to 1Bitapsw1aT8hkLXFtXwZQfHgNwNJEyJJ1