A jQuery-based, Facebook/Fancybox-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages. Based on fancybox.net and famspam.com/facebox
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Demo: facybox homepage or open index.html.
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Benefits added by mWolff

  • Caption below picture for Galleries
  • New loading image
  • If Content is smaller then Browser's Height, centralize vertically
  • Improved msie support

Benefits compared to original

  • Faster page load (does the heavy lifting when a facybox is opened and not at startup)
  • Smaller file size (smaller code + minified using YUI)
  • Locally testable (does not require you to host a server just to try locally)
  • Gallery mode available
  • Useable as modal dialog (additional mode that does not allow users to dismiss the box)
  • Clean separation between JS/CSS (no images/styles inside JS)
  • Separate centralize method to re-center the facybox externally
  • No need to edit CSS (paths are set to images/facybox instead of /facybox)
  • afterClose event is fired


Download and unpack (use download button above). Images go into /images/facybox or you can overwrite them in facybox_urls.css.


#name        : default
noAutoload   : false #do not generate facybox box at start, saves time (use when infrequently used)
opacity      : 0.3
overlay      : true
modal        : false #do not allow the user to dismiss the dialog
imageTypes   : [ 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif' ]


  • add modal mode demo
  • show loading during whole Ajax/Images load


Original: defunkt
Enhancements: Michael Grosser

Facybox port: Mauricio Wolff