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@gavinandresen gavinandresen released this Feb 10, 2016

Bitcoin Classic Release Announcement

We are happy to announce Bitcoin Classic version 0.11.2, the first release of Bitcoin Classic.

If you installed beta 2, there are no changes except for the version number.

About this Release

This is the first Bitcoin Classic release, focused on doubling the transaction capacity of Bitcoin.
It includes a consensus rule change that increases the block size limit from one megabyte to two megabytes.

Bitcoin Classic 0.11.2 is based on Core version 0.11.2, and is compatible with its blockchain files and wallet.


Our next release will be based on Bitcoin Core version 0.12, and is expected to be ready in the next weeks.

In parallel, we will focus development on features that have been requested by miners and companies for a long time now, and that will help Bitcoin scale on-chain:

  • Faster block validation
  • Faster block propagation

These features will help alleviate bandwidth issues tremendously, and will make sure nodes & miners can continue to operate properly, without requiring super fast connections.

More importantly, this will enable Bitcoin to scale to a much higher transaction volume.

We would like to thank everyone who helped realize this

Official Classic Team

  • Development
    • Gavin Andresen
    • Jeff Garzik
    • Pedro Pinheiro
    • Tom Zander
    • Jon Rumion
  • Mining
    • Marshall Long
  • Facilitator
    • Olivier Janssens
  • External advisors
    • Jonathan Toomim
    • Peter Rizun
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