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Bfx Reports Framework


Bfx Reports Framework is a Reactjs and Nodejs open source framework with License Apache 2.0 for Bitfinex and Ethfinex users that can be used to build financial Reports.
When running the software the result is similar to what is hosted on
Including main structures and libraries gives the possibility for developers to create their personalized reports.

Bfx Reports Framework can be run by its own, without need of adding code, it already includes some exiting features not included on what is hosted on website.

Included Features

  • All reports and tools from
  • Possibility to work without a connection to internet.
  • All ledgers and wallet values expressed in USD or other Forex currency




  • Clone Github repository and install projects dependencies :
git clone
cd bfx-facs-reports-framework
npm run init

Configure service

When running node configuration is done automatically.
As to check instructions of how to configure each component, visit the git repositories of the components listed above.

Other Requirements

Grenache network

npm i -g grenache-grape


As to run the software, is needed to run the network and services separately.

Run grenache network

  • Run two Grapes
grape --dp 20001 --aph 30001 --bn ''
grape --dp 20002 --aph 40001 --bn ''

Run all framework services

  • From main folder, run:
npm run start


Run tests

npm test
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