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This repository contains sample apps which are using the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK.

Table of Content

Available Sample Apps


  • BasicPlayback: Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be setup for basic playback of HLS or progressive streams.
  • BasicPlaybackTV: Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be setup for basic playback of HLS or progressive streams in a tvOS application.
  • BasicPlaylist Shows how to implement queueing / playlists.
  • BasicMetadataHandling Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be setup and configured for playback of content which contains metadata.


  • BasicDRMPlayback: Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be setup and configured for playback of FairPlay Streaming protected content.

Offline Playback

  • BasicOfflinePlayback Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be used to download protected and unprotected content for offline playback.

Playback & Casting

  • BackgroundPlayback Shows how background playback can be implemented for the Bitmovin Player (e.g. to play audio in silent mode).
  • BasicCasting Shows how the ChromeCast support of the Bitmovin Player can be setup and configured. (Please mind the Casting Requirements)
  • AdvancedCasting Shows how to implement advanced casting use cases. (Please mind the Casting Requirements)


  • BasicAds Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be setup and configured for playback of ads.


  • CustomHtmlUi Shows how the Bitmovin Player can be setup and configured to use a custom HTML UI. In addition this sample includes how to communication between the javascript UI and the native code.
  • SystemUI Shows how the system UI can be used instead of Bitmovin's default UI.
  • BasicFullscreenHandling Shows how to use the BitmovinFullscreenHandler-protocol to implement basic fullscreen handling.

Sample App Setup Instructions

Please execute pod install --repo-update to properly initialize the workspace. In each sample app you also have to add your Bitmovin Player license key to Info.plist file as BitmovinPlayerLicenseKey.

In addition to that you have to log in to, where you have to add the following bundle identifier of the sample application as an allowed domain under Player -> Licenses:


How to integrate the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK

When you want to develop an own iOS application using the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK read through the following steps.

Adding the SDK To Your Project

To add the SDK as a dependency to your project, you have two options: Using CocoaPods or adding the SDK bundle directly.

Using CocoaPods

  1. Add source '' to your Podfile.
  2. Run pod repo update to add the newly added source.
  3. Add pod 'BitmovinPlayer', '2.61.0' to your Podfile.
  4. Install the pod using pod install.

See the Podfile of this repository for a full example.

Adding the SDK Directly

When using Xcode, go to the General settings page and add the SDK bundle (BitmovinPlayer.framework) under Linked Frameworks and Libraries. The SDK bundles for iOS and tvOS can be downloaded here.

Prepare your Bitmovin Player license

  • Add your Bitmovin player license key to the Info.plist file as BitmovinPlayerLicenseKey.

    Your player license key can be found when logging in into and navigating to Player -> Licenses.

  • Add the Bundle identifier of the iOS application which is using the SDK as an allowed domain to the Bitmovin licensing backend. This can be also done under Player -> Licenses when logging in into with your account.

    When you do not do this, you'll get a license error when starting the application which contains the player.

Development Notes

Casting Requirements

  • If you develop using XCode 10 targeting iOS 12 make sure you use a provisioning profile with Access WiFi Information enabled for the BasicCasting as well as for the AdvancedCasting sample.
  • If you develop using XCode 11 targeting iOS 13 please make sure the NSBluetoothAlwaysUsageDescription key is set in the info.plist for both the BasicCasting and the AdvancedCasting samples.

Documentation And Release Notes

  • You can find the latest API documentation here.
  • The release notes can be found here.


If you have any questions or issues with this SDK or its examples, or you require other technical support for our services, please login to your Bitmovin Dashboard at and create a new support case. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible 👍