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Bitraf's Internet of Things network

At Bitraf hackerspace we run a "Internet of Things" network.

We use the MQTT protocol, with a broker running on (default port, 1883).

Live view

OpenMCT dashboard with graphs of historical data

Open live view of the network in Flowhub


In use

In development



Running locally

  • Install and start a Mosquitto message broker
  • Install the Node.js dependencies of this project with npm install
  • Install the Python dependencies of this project with pip install -r requirements.pip
  • Start the MsgFlo broker with MSGFLO_BROKER=mqtt://localhost npm start

Running with Docker

  • Ensure you have a running Docker daemon
  • Start the project with docker-compose up

Note: by default the MsgFlo coordinator and MQTT ports are only available on localhost. Edit the ports declarations in docker-compose.yml if you want to open them to the outside.

Running tests

npm install # once
npm test