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@vikramrajkumar vikramrajkumar released this Feb 7, 2015 · 885 commits to master since this release

  • Required upgrade by block 1772200 (approximately 2015-02-12 16:50 UTC)
  • Blockchain history will replay on upgrade
  • The following changes will occur after block 1772200:
    • Delegates can specify separate signing keys that can only sign blocks and publish feeds
    • Restore paying base fees to delegates rather than burning them
    • Enable specifying a separate balance voter key that can only change a balance's voting slate
    • Enable multisig withdrawals
    • Enable escrow withdrawals
    • Disable deposits and trades of fraudulent user-issued assets imitating market-issued assets
    • Fix large vesting balance claiming failure due to overflow
    • Allow including negative IDs in voting slates for shareholder polling
    • Enforce uniqueness of new voting slates
    • Fix rounding error preventing fees paid in market-pegged assets from being counted for some transactions
  • New revamped GUI
  • Fix bug that could cause delegate block production to fail
  • Allow loading delegate block production configuration settings from delegate_config.json
  • Add blockchain_get_slate command to view an account's published recommended voting slate
  • Add wallet_account_vesting_balances command to list vesting balance details
  • Improve robustness of wallet_import_keys_from_json command
  • Improve wallet scanning performance
  • Correctly include incoming non-TITAN transfers in history
  • Correctly decrypt memos in incoming non-TITAN transfers
  • Increase max memo size to 51 bytes
  • Don't track some extra blockchain records by default; use --statistics-enabled flag or "statistics_enabled": true config setting to enable
  • Market order transactions expire 10 minutes after creation by default
  • Add support for authenticated RPC connections
  • RPC output can now be cached between block intervals
  • Fix bug that could cause syncing to halt
  • Fix some crashes
  • Miscellaneous fixes and optimizations
SHA1(BitShares-v0.6.0.exe) = dfd6d0cc049c71a9e767e6879b331bb056406c9e
SHA1(BitShares-0.6.0.dmg)= 9234a6965fa148d4e28976707a69000f57e1d781
SHA1(bitsharesGUI-0.6.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz) = 8258e7cc782ebcee576259b4bdc6b6f86e16d43f
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