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The BitShares Github Organization develops and maintains the codebase for the BitShares Blockchain - the first blockchain-based distributed autonomous community

Pinned repositories

  1. BitShares Blockchain implementation and command-line interface

    C++ 1k 550

  2. Fully featured Graphical User Interface / Reference Wallet for the BitShares Blockchain

    JavaScript 471 502

  3. Fully featured client-side library for the BitShares Blockchain - written entirely in python.

    Python 145 132

  4. JavaScript tools for BitShares Encryption and Serialization

    JavaScript 79 111

  5. Beet is a stand-alone key/identity-manager and signing app for BitShares, heavily influenced by Scatter.

    CSS 22 16

  6. BitShares Improvement Proposals and Protocols. These technical documents describe the process of updating and improving the BitShares blockchain and technical ecosystem.

    58 71

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