Web Interface for BitShares Wallets
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BitShares GUI (web wallet)

This repository holds the BitShares graphical user interface, also known as the web wallet. The web wallet is wrapped by the Qt client and released as part of the platform-specific BitShares binaries.


To start hacking on the GUI, first follow the directions to build the bitshares client.

Install Node.js (http://nodejs.org/download/)

Navigate to the web_wallet directory where package.json is located and run these commands:

$ npm install
$ npm start

Edit htdocs parameter in config.json AppData/Roaming/BitShares to point to the web_wallet/generated/ directory. For example: "htdocs": "C:/bitshares/web_wallet/generated"

Start another shell, navigate to /bin/programs/client/RelWithDebInfo directory, and start the BitShares client:

$ ./bitshares_client --server \
    --rpcuser=test --rpcpassword=test \

(You could also achieve this by changing these parameters in your config file.)

The client finds the local GUI code and launches a web server, which you can access by opening http://localhost:5000.

As long as you keep npm start running, the app will automatically be recompiled (into the generated/ directory) whenever you make any changes to the source files in app/.

You will want to start by looking at app/js/app.coffee and then browsing the app/templates and app/js/controllers directories.


  • If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, you may need to install the nodejs-legacy package before you run npm install.

  • The Lineman.js framework (http://linemanjs.com/) is responsible for most of the features in the development environment.