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Build toolkit and cli_wallet

Start with BitShares 2.0 toolkit installation Follow instructions from README file.

I recommend to launch 4 witness nodes for redundancy, find shell script example that launches the nodes in config/deploy/

This faucet software requires persistent connection to one instance of cli_wallet - it's used to register accounts, start it with the following command:

screen -S cli
./programs/cli_wallet/cli_wallet -r -s ws://

please note - screen command is used to help it to run in the background

Don't forget to fund your faucet account and upgrade it to lifetime membership so it could register users' accounts.

After you start cli_wallet, create password and import faucet account key, the faucet account name needs to be specified in config/faucet.yml as registrar_account.

Build web wallet

Find source code and building instructions here Before compiling it, edit SettingsStore.jsx, and put your values for connection and faucet_address. If you able to build it successfully, web/dist should contain several html, js and css files.

Now it's time to install Ruby and Ruby On Rails:

OS X Ruby and RoR installation

 $ brew install rbenv
 $ rbenv install 2.2.3
 $ rbenv global 2.2.3
 $ cd faucet
 $ bundle
 $ rake db:create; rake db:migrate; rake db:seed
 $ rails s

Linux Ruby and RoR installation

See config/deploy/

Please note that compiles and installs nginx web server, example configuration file can be in config/deploy/nginx.conf.


If you are using different machine for production and development I recommend to use mina for deployment. Its configuration file is config/deploy.rb, you need to edit this file put your own parameters for :domain, :user, :repository and :branch.

Before deploying to production machine, copy web wallet dist files to public/wallet dir (or symlink bitshares-2-ui/web/dist to public/wallet).

These are commands I use to deploy it with mina:

mina setup
mina deploy
mina wallet # this will deploy wallet application located in public/wallet

After the deployment you should see /www/current dir pointing to /www/releases/1 and several shared directories in /www/shared.


  1. Generate a new secret string via rake secret command and replace production entry in config/secrets.yml
  2. Edit faucet.yml, put values relevant to your setup
  3. Try to start RoR via rails s command, if no errors arise, go to step #4
  4. Configure and launch nginx (find config example in config/deploy/nginx.conf)
  5. Test if http://yoursite.domain loads and you can see web wallet's create account page
  6. Now try register account, watch dev console to make sure no errors arise.


Create referral code:

curl -i -d "refcode[code]=code4&refcode[account]=someaccount&refcode[asset_symbol]=BTS&refcode[asset_amount]=100000" http://localhost:3000/api/v1/referral_codes

Claim referral code:

curl -i http://localhost:3000/api/v1/referral_codes/code41/claim?account=someaccount


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