Bitcommerce is your answer if you are looking for production quality version of Zencart or Magento that will run on Postgres, Firebird, and MySQL
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Bitcommerce - Enterprise eCommerce for Postgresql, FireBird, and MySQL

If you are looking for production quality version of Zencart or Magento that will run on Postgresql, Bitcommerce is your answer.

It is an extensive fork of Many, many improvements have been made to create a modern commerce system that can support thousands of products, production options, and users. It supports both MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird databases. Much of Bitcommerce was written by die-hard postgres fans, so its postgresql support is actually tested first.

Key features of Bitcommerce is that it is a true e-commerce system built on top of a CMS and web Framework. This allows easy integration of digital content with purchases, as well as full support for physical item sales.

At it's core, Bitcommerce is built for customization - which means adding and removing code as necessary.

Full documentation can be found at

But does it, ya know, work?

Say Hello!

There is much to do, and we need your help. Drop by our IRC channel at irc:// and say hello.

Bitcommerce is the master project that will keep all of the submodules. After cloning, you will need to pull in all of the submodules with the following command:


cd bitcommerce
# Yes, we have a few submodules that have their own submodules
git submodule foreach --recursive git update --init
# We also recommend checking out the most recent versions of all sources with:
git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master

After cloning, install pointing your web browser to (for a site installed at the DocumentRoot. Subdirectories will work fine)

Nifty Features you should know about

  • High compatibility with all Zen-cart modules. A few tweaks, and most plugins can be easily integrated
  • Vastly improved shop admin that enables efficient order processing
  • Thorough reporting broken down by day/week/month/quarter/year with statistics broken down by product, customer referrals