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Qt 5 for OS/2

This is a root repository of the Qt software development framework version 5 for OS/2. It tracks ports of all Qt modules applicable to the OS/2 operating system and maintains OS/2 versions of bootstrap and configure scripts necessary to build the Qt framework.

Currently, the following modules have been (or are being) ported to OS/2:

  • Qt Base
  • Qt Declarative
  • Qt SVG
  • Qt Tools
  • Qt Multimedia
  • Qt WebChannel
  • Qt WebSockets
  • Qt WebEngine

Also, a Qt fork of Chromium (and its build tools, GN and Ninja), which is a "work horse" for Qt WebEngine, has been ported to OS/2.

Please consult to files of individual modules for more information about the ports.

Build instructions are available online in the github Wiki.

bww bitwiseworks GmbH
August, 2019