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Maupassant-Hogo theme. Forked from rujews.
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Maupassant theme, ported to Hugo.

Fork from rujews/maupassant-hugo

You can refer to the site Billy.J.Hee

Additional Functions

  1. Replace Google Search by Baidu Search
  2. Adding Register Info (aka 备案 in China) at footer. You can add registerInfo="<register_number>" in [params] section of config.toml or config.yaml
  3. Add related option in [params], enable "See Also" function when setting it to true, default is false
  4. Add recentPostNumber option in [params], it can specify the number of links listed on "Recent Post" section of side bar, default is 10
  5. Blog list only contains "type: post" type articles
  6. Add Baidu Analysis, need to find the embedded script of Baidu, and config the id in "hm.src" url

Sample Configuration

baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en"
title = "Billy.J.Hee"
hasCJKLanguage = true
theme = "maupassant-hugo"
enableRobotsTXT = true
PaginatePath = "page"
summaryLength = 140

    name = "Billy.J.Hee"
    homepage = ""

    subtitle = "Billy.J.Hee Blog Site"
    description = "Billy.J.Hee Blog Site"
    keywords = "Blog"
    toc = true
    related = false
    recentPostNumber = 5
    baiduAnalysisId = "0f4fc19c9df1256edcd8e4f84e045f78"
    registerInfo = "沪ICP备xxxx号"
    customCSS = ["style.extra.css"]
    customJS = ["app.extra.js"]

    repo = "bjhee/comments"
    issueTerm = "url"
    theme = "github-light"

    name = "Billy.J.Hee Github"
    url = ""
    title = "Billy.J.Hee Github"

    identifier = "archives"
    name = "Archives"
    url = "/archives/"
    weight = 3

    identifier = "about"
    name = "About"
    url = "/about/"
    weight = 4
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