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An easily-extendable error class for use with ES6 classes (or ES5, if you so choose).

Tested in Node 4.0, Chrome, and Firefox.


I made this because I wanted to be able to extend Error for inheritance and type checking, but can never remember to add Error.captureStackTrace(this, to the constructor or how to get the proper name to print from console.log.

ES6 Usage

import ExtendableError from 'es6-error';

class MyError extends ExtendableError {
  // constructor is optional; you should omit it if you just want a custom error
  // type for inheritance and type checking
  constructor(message = 'Default message') {

export default MyError;

ES5 Usage

var util = require('util');
var ExtendableError = require('es6-error');

function MyError(message) {
  message = message || 'Default message';, message);

util.inherits(MyError, ExtendableError);

module.exports = MyError;

Known Issues

  • Uglification can obscure error class names (#31)


  • Better browser compatibility
  • Browser tests