Command Line Parameters

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EasyImgur supports a number of different command-line parameters which can be used to control EI. Switches are position-independent.

  • /portable: This option runs EI in portable mode, which will save history, logs, and settings to the local folder (the one where the executable resides) instead of other locations on your computer. This can be useful if you want to take EasyImgur with you on a USB drive and keep all of our history and account information!
  • /anonymous: This option can control how to upload files from the command line. When used in conjunction with file and folder names it controls how these are uploaded.
  • /exit: This option causes EasyImgur to exit after the command is processed.
  • /noinfo, /q: These options suppress informational tooltip notifications. Error messages are still displayed. This flag only applies to files specified in the same command; if EasyImgur continues running notifications will be re-enabled.
  • /noerr, /qq: These options behave like /q, but suppress all notifications, including errors. Takes priority over /q.
  • <file name>: This option dictates a file to upload to Imgur. When used in conjunction with /anonymous the file is uploaded anonymously instead of to an Imgur account.
  • <folder>: This option dictates a folder to upload to Imgur. Image files in the folder will be uploaded as an album. When used in conjuction with /anonymous the folder is uploaded anonymously instead of to an Imgur account.

Some example command lines are as follows:

  • EasyImgur.exe /anonymous MyImage.jpg MyOtherImage.jpg: Uploads MyImage.jpg and MyOtherImage.jpg anonymously to Imgur.
  • EasyImgur.exe MyImage.jpg: Uploads MyImage.jpg to your Imgur account.
  • EasyImgur.exe "C:\MyFolder\": Uploads the image files in C:\MyFolder\ to your Imgur account as an album.
  • EasyImgur.exe MyImage.jpg C:\MyFolder /qq /exit: Uploads MyImage.jpg to your Imgur account and uploads the images in C:\MyFolder as an album (also to your account). No notifications are displayed and EasyImgur exits afterward.
  • EasyImgur.exe /exit: Exits any running instances of EasyImgur. If this command also starts EasyImgur, it will perform the usual startup maintenance such as updating the registry before exiting.


  • Certain settings are disabled when running EasyImgur in portable mode, most notably context menu integration and running at startup.
  • If EasyImgur is passed /exit, the clipboard will contain the URL of the last thing uploaded, but only if the setting to automatically copy URLs to the clipboard is enabled.
  • In general, command-line uploads will follow the application settings regardless of the combination of command-line parameters.
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