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orgassist is a bot - which handles your appointments, tasks and notes. A remote control for your org-mode directory.
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"orgassist" is a bot - an assistant who handles your appointments, tasks and note-taking when you're away from your computer. It can integrate multiple sources of tasks and appointments and use multiple different communication interfaces to notify you in various ways.

It's architected to be easily expandable. Planned features can be found in file. README describes the current project state.

Currently working functions include:

  • Notifying you in advance about appointments.
  • Showing you the current agenda to remind you about today's appointments, planned and due tasks.
  • Reading events from your org-mode tree (schedules, deadlines and appointments)
  • Reading events from Exchange calendar.
  • Taking notes and storing in an org-mode inbox file.
  • Incrementally searching through your calendar and tasks.
  • Bidirectional communication over XMPP (Jabber).

But why?

  • Do you love your org-mode, but still struggle to get your agenda or notifications on your two mobile devices?
  • You have two org-mode trees - one for work, one for private planning?
  • And appointments in Outlook or Google Calendar?
  • And sticky notes or notepad to gather notes on the run?
  • Or maybe a mobile app to gather notes (orgzly?)
  • Taking notes on the run requires you to later integrate them?
  • You treat your org-mode as private notes and dislike keeping them decrypted everywhere, but at the same time would like to use it remotely?

I had most of those problems and decided this would be an elegant way to solve all of them without dropping org-mode or using cloud-sync solutions.


OrgAssist is split into plugins with a well-defined API.


"Core" plugin - required by org and exchange plugin.

It manages a list of dated events with a state (TODO, DONE, etc.) in a common format. For this events, it generates notifications and agenda views.

Planned: Incremental search over events.


Reads org files and feeds events into the calendar. Handles command to take notes.

Planned: changing state of tasks, rescheduling, smarter capture.


Fills calendar with events from your company's Exchange. Detects those set by you, and with your required and optional attendance.

Planned: detecting new events.

Planned: Shell

Execute a configured shell command on request. Enable/disable alarms, control music, etc.


Tested with Python 3.5 and 3.6.

  1. pip3 install orgassist
  2. --generate-config
  3. emacs/vim ~/.org/orgassist.yml - configure XMPP accounts, boss JID, org-mode directory, etc. See comments in the config file for ideas.
  4. Run bot: $ --config ~/.org/orgassist.yml

Developing own plugins

See for an example and showcase of the API. You can develop plugins using the PyPI version of orgassist by specifying config parameters plugins_path and plugins.


Single orgassist instance can have multiple interfaces (xmpp, irc) with multiple assistants connected to them. Each assistant handles a single "boss" - identified by JID or irc nick/realname. Each assistant can have different plugins enabled, with different configuration and state.

                                             /- Calendar Plugin
Interfaces  --> | Assistant 1 (Boss JID 1) -+
(xmpp, irc)     | state, config              \- Org plugin
                |                            /- Calendar plugin
                | Assistant 2 (JID 2) ------+
                |                            \- Org plugin, OWA Plugin
                | Assistant 3 ---> etc.

License and authors

License: MIT License. Author: Tomasz Fortuna, 2019. Contact:

Project's beautiful logo was contributed by Ulises (tjulises). It relates to the org-mode logo with an added "robot" twist.

Orgassist includes an external MIT-licensed module "orgnode" by Albin Stjerna, Takafumi Arakaki, and Charles Cave ( Edited by myself to cleanup API and fix some problems.

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