Android app and website scraper for the UGent resto's menu
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Webscraper and android application to display the daily menu of the resto's of @GhentUni


The scraper pull the menu from the UGent website and parses into a workable json format. The current API is located at The number at the end of the URL indicates the version of the API. Currently the API is at version 0.1

The api currently only supports the json format. If necessairy, the scraper can be adapted to support other formats as well.

  • ./list.json A list of all UGent resto's. For each resto a struct with 4 values is provided: the name, address, latitude and longitude.

  • ./week/[O-9]{2}.json This resource contains the menu's for a whole week. The number in the URL is the number of the week. The list will at most contain 5 entries, one for each day of the week. Each of those entries contains 1 or 4 keys. If the open key is false, all resto's are closed that day and no other keys are provided. If open is true, the keys meat, soup and vegetables are also provided. An example structure is provided below. This is a typical structure with 4 meat entries, 1 soup entry and 2 vegetable entries.

      "2011-03-21": {
      	"open": true, 
      	"meat": [
      			"name": "Kalkoengebraad", 
      			"price": "\u20ac 2,80", 
      			"recommended": true
      			"name": "Heekdelight#", 
      			"price": "\u20ac 3,50", 
      			"recommended": false
      			"name": "Rundshamburger*", 
      			"price": "\u20ac 3,20", 
      			"recommended": false
      			"name": "Veg. kaasburger", 
      			"price": "\u20ac 3,60", 
      			"recommended": false
      	"soup": {
      		"name": "Uiensoep", 
      		"price": "\u20ac 0,50"
      	"vegetables": [


Some images are copyright of @jelledelaender and @ccaroline. The icons on the main view are awesome icons by glyphish ( ). The menu data is property of Ghent University. We don't guarantee the correctness or completeness of the data.