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HTML5 jQuery Video Background plugin.

Working With Wordpress

If you plan on using Vidbg.js with Wordpress, make your life a little bit easier and download the plugin I made on the Wordpress Repo.


  • All modern web browsers
  • IE9+
  • Video will play on desktops and laptops and will resort to the fallback image (poster) on mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.)


To get started, download the script. Once you have downloaded the script, include it in your project:

<script src="vidbg.min.js"></script>

Initializing the Script

There is two ways to initialize the script; from HTML, and from javascript. Both methods will be shown below.

Initialized from HTML

<div class="vidbg-box" style="width: 650px; height: 338px;"
  data-vidbg-bg="mp4:, webm: path/to/video.webm, poster: path/to/poster.jpg"
  data-vidbg-options="loop: true, muted: true, overlay: true, overlayColor: #000, overlayAlpha: 0.3">

Initialized from Javascript

  'mp4': '',
  'webm': 'path/to/video.webm',
  'poster': 'path/to/fallback-image.png',
}, {
  // options

It is important to note that supplying both .webm and .mp4 will highly increase browser compatibility and it is highly recommended.


  volume: 1,
  playbackRate: 1,
  muted: true,
  loop: true,
  position: '50% 50%',
  resizing: true,
  overlay: false,
  overlayColor: '#000',
  overlayAlpha: '0.3',


When resizing is set to true (default) the video will resize automatically when the window is expanded or compressed.


Setting overlay to true will add an RGBA background over your video. This is helpful when your video is primarily white and you have white text on top. overlay is set to false by default. If set to true, overlayColor and overlayAlpha are used. overlayColor is the color of the overlay in HEX and overlayAlpha is the opacity of the overlay specified between 0.0-1.


Vidbg.js is licensed under The MIT License. You can view it here.