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Blaž Tomažič <> 0.1.3, 2012-05-21 :Author: Blaž Tomažič :Email: :Date: 2012-05-21 :Revision: 2

== Description Submarine is a command-line program for searching and downloading the right subtitles for movies. Subtitles are searched based on movie file hashes and downloaded from online subtitle services. Downloaded subtitles are automatically renamed and saved next to corresponding files.

== Usage

=== Synopsis

submarine [OPTION...] FILE...

=== Options

-l CODE, --language=CODE

Select language to filter subtitles. CODE is a 2 or 3 letter language code (ISO-639-1 and ISO-639-2). Avaliable options can be listed with -l help. This option can be specified multiple times. By default, only english (eng, en) language is selected.

-s CODE, --server=CODE

Select server to use for searching subtitles. CODE is a 2 letter server code. Avaliable options can be listed with -s help. This option can be specified multiple times. By default, all servers are selected.

-f, --force

Replace all existing subtitles. Existing subtitles are deleted even if they don’t have the same extension as the new ones.

-q, --quiet

Quiet mode. Don’t output any messages or warnings.

-v, --verbose

Verbose mode. Output all messages and warnings.

-V, --version

Display version information and exit.

-h, --help

Display help message and exit.

=== Examples

Download a subtitle in Slovenian or Croatian language:

submarine -l slv -l hr USS_Barracuda.avi

Download subtitles for mutliple files:

submarine Season01/*.mpg

Download subtitles only from OpenSubtitles:

submarine -s os Zulu.mkv U-boat.mp4

All together:

submarine -l slv -l hr -s os USS_Barracuda.avi Season01/*.mpg Zulu.mkv U-boat.mp4

== Installation

Submarine is developed on and for GNU/Linux, although it may work on other Unix platforms.

=== Dependecies

Submarine has little dependencies and is really lightweight.

  • glib2

  • libgee

  • libsoup

  • libarchive

  • vala

  • autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool,…​)

=== Build

To build submarine, run the following commands:


=== Install

To install submarine, run the following commands:

make install

== Contribution

Any kind of code fix/addition, translation, bug report, feature request, etc. is highly appreciated.

If you really like this project consider Flattring it on Flattr:

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== Powered by This program is based on the following online subtitle services:

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