AGK files and projects (games, applications..) !
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AGK files and projects (games, applications..) !

In this repository, you will find some agk files and one of my project: AGE2D.

#What is age2D ?

Age2D is a 2D game editor for AGK, developped by Blendman (made with AGK2), started since january 2017 (last version 0.41. 02/2017).

With Age2D, you can create the levels for your games, and you can even add some gameplays (basic for the moment), like behaviors. You can add physic and virtuel utilities (buttons, joystick) for your games.

#ScreenShots & videos

Version 0.39

Age2D v0.39

Version 0.38 (image editor)

Age2D v0.38

Version 0.30 (Tiles)

Age2D v0.30

Version 0.25 (2D iso)

Age2D v0.25

Version 0.13

Age2D v0.13

Version 0.08

Age2D v0.08

![Age2D v0.20]


You can create 2D games in topdown, side, 2D isometric (with an isometric grid for placement and an autodepth). Some features :

  • create objects : sprite, light, text,virtual button, virtual joystick, particles, tiles.
  • transformations : move,rotation,scale/size, depth/autodepth,miror,color & alpha, blendmode, shader
  • animation : use spritesheets
  • physics + some parameters
  • selection/multi-selection
  • snap normal + isometric
  • copy/paste
  • hide/freeze, change parameters to multiselection
  • test the level
  • add behaviors : objectIsPlayer, ViewCentererOnPlayer, PlayerKeyboard, mouse (clic and go) and some little gameplays like moveX/Y (with sin()), scaleX/Y and rotationOnCenter


To share tips or to troubleshoot, join the TGC (thegamecreateors) Users forum (
If you found a bug with the software after troubleshooting, search the Github issues and post there.


Please consult with the licenses in the appropriate READMEs.

The project is open-source : you can use it, copy it, modify it, change it and distribute freely it.
You cant : sell it, made another software with it and sell it, tell that you have made it ^^.