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| Monome Display Proxy                             |
| Copyright 2008 Ben Bleything <> |
| Provided under the BSD license.                  |

This is a Processing sketch that listens to OSC messages coming and
going from a Monome, reacts to them, and then proxies them on to their
final destination.

Why, you ask?  Well, I have a 40h kit, but I ordered LEDs from China and
they took forever to get here.  In the meantime, I wanted to use my new
monome, but I had no way of seeing what pads were lit up.  This app will
show you what pads are lit up (and what pads are pressed).

To use it, you'll need:

 * Processing:
 * oscP5 library:
 * A monome setup.  Currently I only support the 40h, though I suppose a
   64 would work as well.

Here's how to set it up:

 * Install the oscP5 library by unzipping it into your Processing
   sketches folder (~/Documents/Processing on OSX)
 * Do the same with Monome Display Proxy

Here's how to run it:

 * Start up MonomeSerial (or whatever the Windows/Linux equivalent is)
 * Set the Host Port to 7999
 * Set the Listen Port to 8081
 * Set orientation to Top (and rotate your Monome if necessary)
 * Start up Processing and load the Monome Display Proxy sketch
 * Hit Cmd-R to run the sketch
 * Start up your Monome app.  Flin is a good option to see how it works.
 * Set the prefix in MonomeSerial if the app doesn't do it for you

That's it.  You should now see a virtual 40h.  Note that you can't click
on the buttons, they're only there to show LED state.  When you press a
button on your physical monome, you should see a black disc appear on the
same button in the display.

Known Bugs / Issues / Didn't Do Yet:

 * Only supports the 40h (and maybe the 64, I dunno)
 * High CPU usage due to render strategy
 * Doesn't (yet) support rotation
 * Doesn't support input... probably won't as I'm not intending to write
   an emulator, but we'll see.
 * Does not yet support the full OSC dictionary... coming soon?
 * Sometimes cells will get "stuck" on during a transition until the next
   time that cell is updated.


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