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Long-Term Crafting Projects (CrafTecs)

This mod is a complete overhaul of the building worldobjects mechanics (like walls, doors and such).


Free For All

Current state

The mod is fully functional as of IWBUMS 34.something.


The mod requires you to start CrafTecs (working name) on squares, then add parts like planks and nails. After that, you can start working on the object. If you only have half of the necessary parts, you can start building the object up to 50% completion (or whatever fraction of parts you have).

Objects take a LOT longer than they did before. Walls take half an hour, stairs four hours, crates one hour and so on. It always felt weird putting up walls and stairs in minutes.
To counterbalance that long time, you can stop the project at any time and resume working on it later. You can even share the work between different people!
Everyone working on the object will get .1 XP for the relevant skill (or for Carpentry if skill is "any") per minute. Relevant multipliers will still apply.

The code also allows for objects to require certain level in different skills and even allows for certain profession. This way you could, for example, require a nurse with experience in Blunt-Maintenance to build a certain object.
You can also require MULTIPLE professions / skilllevels for a single object.

You can also require different tools to build things. Hammers, saws, blowtorches, a waterscale, a pen, a piece of paper, anything!

Project Goal

Providing an in-game mechanism for crafting with the following properties:

  • Can be interrupted and resumed as necessary (done)
  • CrafTecs can require multiple professions or Traits, requiring players to work together to finish them (done)
  • Optional: Players may try a CrafTec without the required skill, but have only a Player.SkillLvl in CrafTec.RequiredSkillLvl chance to succeed, on fail: parts break and need to be re-acquired (tbd)


Long-Term Cratfing Projects for Project Zomboid



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