This is a typora theme inspired by Vue document style.
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This is a typora theme inspired by Vue document style.


Typora is a markdown editor and reader that supports real-time preview. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux platforms. Typora is a qualified Markdown editor that supports images, lists, tables, codes, formulas, catalogs, etc. At the same time, typora also supports (one-click) dynamic preview function, so that everything becomes so clean and pure. And there are various theme templates. typora-vue-theme inspired by Vue document style.


  1. Download this theme from Github, then you can get the vue.css file and the vue folder.
  2. Open typora. Click "Open Theme Folder" button from Preference PanelApperance section.
  3. Put vue.css and vue folder into the opened folder, make sure your css files are directly under that directory.
  4. Close and reopen Typora and select ThemeVue from the menu bar.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3