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ProximitySense is an advanced cloud platform for proximity engagement and iBeacon infrastructure management. It is being developed by Blue Sense Networks - the UK leader in iBeacon micro-location services and technologies and one of the very first companies to bring to market an iBeacon certified device (way back in the autumn of 2013).


This repository is meant to hold sample code and documentation for ProximitySense API and SDKs. The documentation is in the gh-pages branch, also hosted on

Getting Started

Please register for a free account at if you haven't already done so. Once you have verified your email address you should be able to sign in at

Usually the first thing to do after a successful login is to create an Application. ProximitySense Applications feature allows access to additional, application specific features - such as proximity campaigns, analytics, API access among others. Think of an Application as a silo, where all data is stored for a specific purpose. For example, if you are creating a mobile app for a museum, you can create a "Museum" application in ProximitySense to act as the logical organisation of all your mobile application activities. Another application - called "Museum Dev" for example, can be used when testing your mobile app, thus letting you separate actual from testing data.