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Polymer component that allows uploading of images and pdf files
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bwt-uploader is a file uploader with support for pdf files, jpeg, png and bmp images written in Polymer. It follows a plug and play model with a few configurations needed to enable certain features. It is partially inspired by the vaadin uploader and came out as a result of a component we built at Blue Water Tracks. Images are converted to base64 images which might increase the size of the file by a small percentage.


  • Simple Drag and Drop along with browse option
  • Ability to upload images and pdf files
  • Down sample and resize images (optional)
  • Ability to upload pdf files
  • Preview of pdf and image files (just the first page in case of pdf files)
  • Progress Bar
  • Configurable AJAX options as well as ability to insert extra fields into the upload object
  • Ability to skip downsampling of image
  • Configurable maximum file size
  • Customizable CSS and shape of preview area


To install bower install bwt-uploader

To run the code, head into the component's folder and run polymer serve

To run the tests polymer test

Demo And Documentation


A simple example of an Image upload

<bwt-uploader target="[yourUrl]" method="PUT" body="[[your Object]]" value="[[valueToBeDatabindedAsOutput]]"></bwt-uploader>

Feedback and Contributions

Both are welcome, feel free to create an issue and we will try to come up with fixes or added features for requests.


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This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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