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stylelint-lsp is an implementation of the Language Server Protocol for stylelint. It supports the following features:

  • Document formatting, like running stylelint --fix on the file.
  • Commands to disable stylelint rules inline, above the line, for the entire file, or surrounding a block.
  • Linting on change or on save

Formatting (ie, stylelint --fix) can be configured to run automatically on save, in response to format requests, or run manually using a command.

Client Implementations


  • autoFixOnFormat (default false) - automatically apply fixes in response to format requests.
  • autoFixOnSave (default false) - automatically apply fixes on save.
  • config (default null) - stylelint config to use.
  • configFile (default null) - path to stylelint config file.
  • enable (default true) - if false, disable linting and auto-formatting.
  • validateOnSave (default false) - lint on save.
  • validateOnType (default true) - lint after changes.

If neither config nor configFile are specified, stylelint will attempt to automatically find a config file based on the location of the file you are editing.

If both validateOnSave and validateOnType are set to false, no linting will occur but auto-fixes can still be applied if you have it enabled. validateOnSave is automatically enabled if you enable autoFixOnSave because revalidation must occur after fixes are applied. You may wish to explicitly turn on validateOnSave if you are using another editor extension that will make changes to the file on save, otherwise, diagnostic messages from stylelint may be out-of-date after a save (ie, may point to the wrong line or may have been fixed by the automatic changes on save, etc).

Note that v2 of stylelint-lsp no longer supports configOverrides because the latest version of stylelint no longer supports it.


Some ideas were borrowed from vscode-eslint and coc-eslint.