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a react hook that emulates native touch behaviour for things like buttons, list items, and more
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touchable-hook provides a react hook that emulates native touch behaviour for building performant, customizable interactive widgets like buttons, list items, etc. It's a limited implementation of the touchable interface found in react-native-web. It provides the basic touchable behaviour for Sancho-UI and is built using react-gesture-responder.


When building mobile web apps it's challenging to get interactive elements to feel just right. Using this hook makes it easier:

  • hover state is provided only when using a mouse.
  • active state is available after a configurable delay. This is useful for avoiding highlighting list elements when scrolling, but providing immediate visual feedback on elements like buttons.
  • mouse and touch support.
  • keyboard support which emulates both button and anchor behaviour.
  • long press support


Install both touchable-hook and react-gesture-responder using yarn or npm.

yarn add touchable-hook react-gesture-responder
import { useTouchable } from "touchable-hook";

function TouchableHighlight({ onPress, onLongPress }) {
  const { bind, active, hover } = useTouchable({
    behavior: "button" // or 'link'

  return (
    <div role="button" tabIndex={0} {...bind}>
      This is a touchable highlight
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