Utilities to make administration of content belonging to different sites easier.
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Django Sites Ext

ChangeSiteMixin is a helper mixin aimed to make editing of objects in multi site environment easier.

Current functionality in ChangeSiteAdmin works like this:

  1. When creating new object, administrator is offered to choose site to which object will be associated
  2. In change_form view, site is restricted to selected site and cannot be changed. Also, choices for fields specified in filter_by_site_fields are limited only to selected site.
  3. When editing existing object, "Change site" button allows to change site this object belongs to. If model has changesite method, it would be called to allow further work to be performed when site is changing.


  • Django 1.3 or later


  1. Put sites_ext into your INSTALLED_APPS at settings module:



Replace admin.ModelAdmin` with ChangeSiteAdmin for those models which should have support for changing language:

from django.contrib import admin
from sites_ext.admin import ChangeSiteAdmin

from models import Product

class ProductAdmin(ChangeSiteAdmin):
    filter_by_site_fields = ('categories', )

admin.site.register(Product, ProductAdmin)

Example application

Example app is bundled, username and password for admin are: admin:password.