bnd, the swiss army knife for OSGi. A tool to build OSGi bundles.
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biz.aQute.bnd.exporters Maven Bnd Repository Apr 4, 2016
biz.aQute.bnd.gradle gradle: Reduce direct references to generated folder Jul 27, 2017
biz.aQute.bnd.test build: Release to maven shaped repo Apr 21, 2016
biz.aQute.bnd.testextension build: Release to maven shaped repo Apr 21, 2016
biz.aQute.bnd close resources: More fixes to properly close resources Jul 19, 2017
biz.aQute.bndlib.comm.tests Add support for HTTPS proxies Jul 27, 2017
biz.aQute.bndlib.tests [baseline] a test for expanded return type via generics Aug 10, 2017
biz.aQute.bndlib Add support for HTTPS proxies Jul 27, 2017
biz.aQute.demo.subsys build: Clean up -buildpath/-testpath to use version=latest as appropr… Mar 27, 2017
biz.aQute.http.testservers Encrypted Maven Passwords May 11, 2017
biz.aQute.jpm charset: Use standard UTF_8 Charset object Apr 21, 2017
biz.aQute.junit test: Properly handle Test-Cases header in fragment bundles Jul 17, 2017
biz.aQute.launcher launcher: Start bundle ids at 1 for MiniFramework May 30, 2017
biz.aQute.remote remote: Fix collection to use proper object Jun 29, 2017
biz.aQute.repository.aether Revert "test: Avoid relying on IO.collect(Reader) failing to close re… Apr 19, 2017
biz.aQute.repository repo: Set result artifact for MavenBndRepository Jul 26, 2017
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biz.aQute.tester Support OSGi 4.2 runtimes with junit/tester/launcher Apr 7, 2017
cnf Add support for HTTPS proxies Jul 27, 2017
demo-fragment build: Remove binary demo jars from repo Feb 10, 2017
demo test: Move demo test output so Jenkins does not see it and complain Mar 7, 2017
dist build: Pass closure instead of fileTree to inputs Jun 23, 2017
docker bnd command Docker Image Dec 9, 2016
docs Document -runrequires plus new aliases May 30, 2017
maven build: Update task dependencies for maven portion of build Aug 11, 2017
org.osgi.impl.bundle.repoindex.ant properties: Make sure to close input since Properties load does not Apr 19, 2017
org.osgi.impl.bundle.repoindex.api baseline: Enable baselining in most projects Feb 20, 2017
org.osgi.impl.bundle.repoindex.cli Avoid new FileOutputStream Apr 12, 2017
org.osgi.impl.bundle.repoindex.lib charset: Use standard UTF_8 Charset object Apr 21, 2017
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bnd is a swiss army knife for OSGi, it creates manifest headers for you based on analyzing the class code, it verifies your settings, it manages project dependencies, gives you quote of the day, diffs jars, and much more.

The information about bnd can be found at


The git repository contains all code. It contains the following projects:

  • aQute.libg - Library to be statically linked (Conditional-Package)
  • biz.aQute.bnd - A command line utility and ant plugin
  • biz.aQute.bndlib - The core library
  • biz.aQute.bndlib.tests - Tests for the core library
  • biz.aQute.jpm - Just another package manager for Java
  • biz.aQute.junit - Junit tester
  • biz.aQute.launcher - Launcher
  • biz.aQute.repository - Different repos with OBR
  • biz.aQute.resolve - OBR Resolver
  • cnf - Configuration directory
  • demo - Used in testing
  • dist - Contains the distribution after 'gradle'
  • docs - GitHub Pages manual for Bnd


All code is Apache 2.0 Licensed so you can do what you want with the source code.


Though I am usually pretty good at backward compatibility, there is no guarantee. This is an unpaid project and one of the most annoying thing of work is being backward compatible on the Java API when you know a better way to do it. Properties will be backward compatible if there is any possibility. So be aware, its ok to use this package but do not complain if new releases require some work.

If you're building a tool with a general audience, e.g. bndtools, that includes bnd for a general audience I would appreciate if you got in touch with me so I can keep in touch. I am always interested in ideas.


bndtools is the development environment of bnd. An earlier Eclipse plugin in bnd is no longer available.


Gradle is used to build bnd. The workspace root has a build.gradle file that builds all projects in proper order.

./gradlew - Assembles, tests and releases the projects into dist/bundles
./gradlew :dist:build - Assembles and tests the projects
./gradlew :dist:index - Assembles and releases the projects into dist/bundles

The workspace root includes the gradle wrapper, gradlew, command.

CloudBees Build Status Travis CI Build Status


bnd is continuously built and released on CloudBees.

A Maven repository of the latest build is available at A snapshot version of all the bundles and Maven and Gradle plugins is there.

Built on DEV@cloud


Feedback is always welcome, for general discussions use the mail list. We also have the mail list for discussions on the development of bnd.

Bugs and issues should go to

Other feedback or specific functionality send to


Want to hack on bnd? There are instructions to get you started.

They are probably not perfect, please let us know if anything feels wrong or incomplete.


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