Release build for x32, x64

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This is a Release build for general use.
It is a good starting point when looking to fix any x32 or x64 DX11 game.

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The c-runtime is statically linked and the release version. Performance is good.

The d3dx.ini is tuned for hunting, not playing.
Hunting, dumping shaders, and logging are on by default.

Unzip the 5 files from x32 or x64 as needed into the game executable directory.
Use the uninstall.bat to remove dlls and ShaderFixes folder.

This is from the new 1.2 branch, which includes the hunting overlay text, and new crc32c hash.

The texture and buffer hash calculation has changed and is not compatible with older versions. Any use of TextureOverrides will need to be redone for this version. Shader hashes have not changed.

It includes all known bug fixes, and should be stable.
Using new keybindings, and XInput support.
Key override transitions are supported.

Includes numerous Decompiler fixes.
Includes support for Assembler.
Includes Frame Analysis.
Includes Screenshot on Mark.
Include pinking highlight mode.
Includes support for Compute, Geometry shaders.
Includes fast hardware crc32c hash calculation for textures and buffers.

v1.2.34 fixes the caching of ASM shaders, and removes all use of _reasm in file names. Some refactoring done, so there might be new bugs.

v1.2.35 allows shaders to use #include with paths relative to the shader itself. Paths relative to the game's working directory will still work, but it is recommended to switch as paths relative to the shader should be more reliable.

v1.2.36 adds two new shader hash methods - embedded and bytecode. Convergence is no longer unlocked by default and a new option is added to the ini file to do this. Allows StereoParams and IniParams to be referenced as sources in arbitrary resource copying. Adds width_multiply and height_multiply options to custom resource sections. Adds max_executions_per_frame to custom shader sections. Fixes ubfe instruction generation in the decompiler. Note: the ini parsing code was refactored - if you notice any problems parsing options in the d3dx.ini please try the previous version.

v1.2.37 Fixes an issue with the present call that was interfering with the SBS/TAB output mode and frame analysis on Crysis 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

v1.2.38 Add an experimental override option of allow_dxgi1_2 from d3dx.ini. For Call of Pripyat.

v1.2.39 Add an experimental override option of allow_check_interface from d3dx.ini. For Call of Pripyat and Shadow of Mordor.

v1.2.40 Fixes a crash when creating a custom buffer that is not a structured buffer, and eliminates the need to specify the stride when doing so (type, format and array must be specified).

v1.2.41 Adds an override option in d3dx.ini for D3D11CreateDevice, to allow non-DX11 requests to succeed. Normally, and by default we return an error for anything non-DX11.

v1.2.42 Adds Decompiler fixes to include all atomic_* opcodes, as well as the firstbit_hi_lo opcodes used in JC3. Fixes a Decompiler bug with array references of cb* buffers. cmd_Decompiler can now be used in source debugging mode.

v1.2.43 Adds a skip_dxgi_device hooking option to work around a crash in MGSV when the Windows 10 Anniversary is installed.

v1.2.44 Adds a new option to d3dx.ini to allow Marking screenshots to be turned off, created as mono, or created as stereo.

v1.2.45 Fixes a problem seen in Mafia 3 where the HackerContext was lost because of their poor use of QueryInterface.

v1.2.46 Adds an allow_platform_update option to work with Dishonored 2 (Note: this release is untested, if you have problems go back to 1.2,45)

v1.2.47 Fixes an issue where using stereo2mono or similar operations on a resource with pixel format R11G11B10_FLOAT would attempt to use an incompatible format R10G10B10A2 for the new resource and would fail to create a view, leading to errors in the log and a seemingly black texture.

v1.2.48 Adds a second mode to allow_dxgi1_2=2, which may allow the Steam overlay and controller to work in some games such as The Witcher 3 on Windows 7 and 8. This mode should only be enabled if you need it, as it has the potential to disable core functionality in some games.

v1.2.49 Adds support for writing the driver profile on launch, and logging the decrypted profiles to d3d11_log.txt. Check out the documentation in the new [Profile] section in the d3dx.ini.

v1.2.50 Fixes an issue where under certain circumstances the DLL could fail to elevate to admin to install the profile resulting in an error dialog that reads "There was a problem starting ...... The specified module could not be found."

v1.2.51 Fixes a bug where max_copies_per_frame and max_executions_per_frame would run once more than specified. Exceeding max_copies_per_frame will now be indicated in the frame analysis log in the same way as max_executions_per_frame.

v1.2.52 is a major update to the assembler, adding support for dozens of missing or incomplete instructions - now works with WATCH_DOGS2, Song of the Deep, etc. Assembler now supports tabs for indentation and properly handles comments at the end of a line. Custom resources sections now have new options - mode=stereo / mode=mono to force creation mode, bind_flags to override bind flags (can influence driver heuristics in advanced circumstances). Custom buffer resources now support filename= to load them from a file (must still specify buffer type and format). Frame analysis log now notes which copy operation was selected. cmd_Decompiler's --validate option now shows binary differences if validation fails, and checks each section separately.

v1.2.53 Fixes a crashing bug for Elite Dangerous.

v1.2.54 Adds support for key combinations (e.g. key=ctrl 1) and exclusions (e.g. key=no_ctrl 1) and has a shorthand to exclude all standard modifiers (e.g. key=no_modifiers F1). Template d3dx.ini now excludes modifiers on all standard bindings. Adds "ctrl" as an alias for "control". Fixes a problem where certain blend states (blend_factor and all the src1 options) did not work correctly in custom shader sections. Ini handler will now audibly warn about unrecognised sections or ShaderOverride/TextureOverride sections missing hash= or Key sections missing key=. New [CommandList*] section type to group common commands together.

v1.2.55 is a special release for WATCH_DOGS2 v1.09.154. Getting the resolution from the depth buffer will now ignore depth buffers that are exactly 4x as wide as they are high.

v1.2.56 is a special release for Resident Evil 7. Fixes a problem with dumping DDS textures in FrameAnalysis.

If you have any problems with this version, revert to the 1.2.51, 1.2.27, 1.2.10, 1.1.36, or 1.0.1 version.