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Welcome to Robot Framework Hub

This is a very early version of a server for the robot framework testing framework. The hub uses flask to provide both a RESTful interface and a browser-based UI for accessing test assets.

It's crazy easy to get started. To install and run from a PyPi package, do the following:

    $ pip install robotframework-hub
    $ python -m rfhub

To run from source it's the same, except intead of installing, you cd to the folder that has this file.

That's it! You can now browse documentation by visiting the url http://localhost:7070/doc/

Want to browse your local robotframework assets? Just include the path to your test suites or resource files on the command line:

    $ python -m rfhub /path/to/test/suite


Source code, screenshots, and additional documentation can be found here:


A huge thank-you to Echo Global Logistics (echo.com) for supporting the development of this package.