Shell integration

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💲 System shell integration

It can be super useful to access a system shell from inside a REPL session. PsySH fully supports this … but mostly because PHP supports this 😛.

Execute arbitrary shell commands

To execute arbitrary shell commands, wrap the command in backticks.

>>> `pwd`
=> "/Projects/psysh\n"
>>> `ls`
=> """\n

PHP variables can be interpolated into shell commands as well.

>>> $readme = ''
=> ""
>>> `ls -al $readme`
=> "-rw-r--r--  1 justin  staff  9649 May 28 13:34\n"

✨ Shell commands with magic variables

Some commands—such as doc, dump, ls and show—update the $__file, $__dir and $__line magic variables after they run. These variables are especially useful when interpolated into shell commands.

For example, after using doc to show the documentation for a class or method, you can use the subl shell command to open that file in Sublime Text and jump to the definition.

>>> doc Psy\Shell
class Psy\Shell extends Symfony\Component\Console\Application

  The Psy Shell application.


      $shell = new Shell;

Author: Justin Hileman <>
>>> $__file
=> "/Projects/psysh/src/Psy/Shell.php"
>>> `subl $__file:$__line`
=> null

This. Is. So. Good.

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