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Team "A Storm of Minds" ICFP Programming Contest 2015 entry
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ICFP programming contest 2015 entry


    java player, requires Java 8 and ant for building.
    html+javascript implementation for experimentation
    Haskell implementation.

Our main implementation is written in Java.

The web version was created mainly to experiment with the rules, but also includes a simple solver.

The Haskell version was written during the lightning phase, because we thought it might be easier to code advanced strategies in Haskell than in Java. It was no longer maintained after we decided to stay with Java.


We call our Java version with a bash script that supports the flags from the task specification.

There are some additional flags:

-dev true
	Enables developer mode, giving status updates on std_out and writing the results into a file in results folder. Default is false.
-stats true
    Enables statistics creation, writes results/stats.txt with information about times, points per problem, number of seeds, used solvers and level runs. Default is false.
-trans "ei!"
    writes the command sequence needed to perform the power phrase to std_out
-l 3
	Tells the solver up to which level of complexity the modes should get used, higher level means more complex, longer running solving modes - the maximum in the submission is level 4, minimum is 0. Default is maximum value.


Heuristics and limited brute-force search for moves that fill a complete row.

Phrases of Power

We found only 8 phrases during the contest, one of which was unusably long.

TODO: describe strategy.

Ressource use

Our player usually needs about 500MB of memory.

It uses up to 6 threads regardless of the -c command line flag.

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